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Vigilance BM76

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Brixham Heritage Museum

The last
Grimsby Sail Trawler

109303 CUTTER then KETCH 23 / 23 19 / 15 DANIEL DEWDNEY 1902 EDWARD VITTERY 09/08/1906 LOUIS KINGDOM 30/03/1920 T.J.LEIGH 04/05/1923 G.H.SUMMERS EDWARD VITTERY - E.A.GREGORY -T.J.LEIGH - S.G.TOWILL - ABRAHAM BARTLETT 12/01/1930 Escorted to a safe anchorage by lifeboat 'Alfred  &  Clara Heath' (See Wreck and Rescue on the Coast of Devon' G. Farr)  24/01/1930 Broken up Number Name Reg Number Rig Launched Builder Owners Skippers Notes BRIXHAM 1898