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Brixham Heritage Museum

The last
Grimsby Sail Trawler

114242 CUTTER (but Ketch 05/12/1905) 27 22 S.J.DEWDNEY 24/08/1903 JOHN ADAMS FRIEND  of 5 Torbay Terrace (then West Hill Brixham) 14/03/1911 EMMA FRIEND (Wife) 01/09/1013 JOHN UPHAM ROBERTS 01/09/1918 JAMES UPHAM ROBERTS 28/11/1925 FRED ROBERTSON  of 5 Holborn Terrace S.J.FRIEND - J.U.ROBERTS -ERNEST ROGERS - FRED ROBERTSON 27/12/1930 Dismantled and sold for breaking up. Number Name Reg Number Rig Launched Builder Owners Skippers Notes BRIXHAM 1903